Eisbach Group was created to solve a fundamental problem in the strategic advisory industry: the failure rate for strategic initiatives is too high, and no one is adequately addressing the problem. We’ve worked in strategy, corporate development, business development, legal and transformation roles, and have been CEOs. With this accumulated expertise, we understand underlying reasons for the high failure rate. Strategic advisors were experts at a particular discipline, but they didn’t understand how to make you successful. Something was missing from their offering.

With management consulting, the firms offered great strategic analysis, but their recommendations failed to consider execution considerations and they didn’t help with execution. With investment banks, they helped facilitate getting a deal done, but they were not responsible for making sure the deal met its stated objectives (even though they received a “success fee”). With lawyers, they provided sound legal advice, but didn’t help meet your business objectives. The three areas where this problem is most acute are M&A, strategy and startups, where the success rate in less than 50%. This is why Eisbach Group decided to focus on these areas. To solve the industry problem, Eisbach Group has developed four key differentiators.


  • Success Driven: We focus on the question: how do we help make you successful? We take a broader view towards what you are trying to accomplish and what are all the activities necessary to make you successful. With M&A, for example, we understand that your objective isn’t to get a deal done, but to utilize M&A as a means to accomplish a strategic objective. This means that we must help you from the initial M&A strategy to after integration to ensure that you are successful.
  • Cross-Discipline Expertise: We combine expertise from a variety of disciplines (strategy, corp dev, legal, etc.) and integrate this combined expertise into a unique offering. With startups, for example, we can guide you through creating an investor pitch, funding options, getting your first customer, business development, scaling your business, exit planning and numerous other activities. We don’t want to provide you with one piece of the puzzle; instead, we provide cross-discipline expertise to help make your company successful.
  • Unique Know-How: From the cross-discipline expertise, we have developed unique know-how for making you successful. We understand how the different activities relate to your objective, and can spot potential problems that other advisors would miss. For example, you may have acquired a company that sells software direct to customers while your company sells hardware through distributors and resellers. Your stated strategy is to cross-sell products between the different customers. We understand the challenges with this strategy, and would advise you on the best execution plan.
  • Value Creation: As a culmination of the other differentiators, we focus on value creation. We never forget that the goal is to accomplish your objectives and create value in your organization. The services we provide are a means to that end, and all the attention should focus on creating this value. In M&A, we believe that a focus on value creation is the missing piece to success. We use the phrase value creation to define a fifth segment of the M&A process. After integration is over, the value creation through M&A is just beginning. You need to constantly track, optimize and ultimately realize the value from meeting your stated objectives.

Through these differentiators, Eisbach Group believes that we are unique in the industry and that we can help you avoid the high failure rate for strategic initiatives and make you successful.

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